Hong Kong SAR of China offers a wonderful combination of a cosmopolitan lifestyle, a multicultural community and a consistently high employment rate. The city has shown its resilience through times of global financial crisis that overwhelmed the world economies. At present, Hong Kong SAR of China has almost full employment, and, in light of new economic and infrastructural developments, the demand for talents in many trades is great.

ACCA Hong Kong SAR of China was founded in January 1950. An office was set up in 1988. With its long history of establishment in Hong Kong SAR of China, ACCA has a strong and loyal membership base and many of them are in senior management positions, and/or with a regional portfolio. They form an invaluable pool of brand ambassadors to help ACCA build its reputation and influence with stakeholders in Hong Kong SAR of China and the wider region. Find out what our members and stakeholders in Hong Kong SAR of China say about ACCA

ACCA has strong synergy within the Asia Pacific and China regions. ACCA is also the first global accountancy body entering into mainland China, with 11 offices all over the country. Early entry into mainland China and its strong market recognition have positively driven the perceived value of the ACCA membership in Hong Kong SAR of China.

In Hong Kong SAR of China, ACCA has a mutual recognition agreement (MRA) with the Hong Kong SAR of China Institute of Certified Public Accountants, HKICPA (the local statutory licensing body for professional accountants). To learn more about the MRA, visit our mutual memberships section.

Signature annual events such as the ACCA Annual Conference, CFO Summit, Community Day, Free Tax Advisory Services, Tax Conference and Business Competition have built ACCA’s strong brand image and relations with employers, government departments and other stakeholders.

Migrating to Hong Kong SAR of China and finding employment that takes advantage of your hard-earned qualification will take effort but can also be extremely rewarding.  Many of our members already work with a multi-national company and are able to transfer within their company.  There are many roads to success, but it will take the same determination and application that you used to obtain your qualification. ACCA Hong Kong SAR of China is always working to bring larger recognition to the ACCA Qualification but there is always more to do.

These resources were developed with you in mind after consulting with many migrated members.  If you are unable to find the answer to your question within these pages, please contact us at hkinfo@accaglobal.com.

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