If you are looking to live and work in the United Kingdom, there are some resources that you should familiarise yourself with to help you be successful.  Unfortunately ACCA cannot provide a student visa or work permit due to local laws and regulations.

Immigration or work visa process

Regardless of where you are in your journey to immigrate to the UK, explore your options with the UK to learn what immigration options are available to you. 

Helpful immigration and work visa resources

The UK immigration and work visa process is subject to change. So use the following links to access current information:

Study in the UK

Are you looking to study in the United Kingdom to further your education? Be sure to review the rules and regulations that regulate international students. Please note that plans to study the ACCA Qualification outside of a college or university does not make you eligible for a student visa.

You should check out the Department for Education website for services and information.

You apply for school places through your local authority, but for general information about schools visit the gov.uk website.

The immigrant visa process

If you are a foreign national and wish to live permanently in the UK, you must first obtain an immigrant visa. Learn more about the process and how to immigrate based on family or based on employment. Visit the gov.uk website to find out more.

Please note that ACCA cannot advise on matters regarding immigration to the United Kingdom. We recommend you consult the above resources and/or an immigration attorney or specialist if you need additional guidance.