1. Before you book

To run a remote session exam successfully you'll need to meet certain requirements, which are explained on this page. Please make sure you understand these requirements, and can meet them, before you book.

1. Check availability

Remote session exams are only available to students in selected locations.  Please visit our remote exam availability page for information on whether these exams are available in your location.

2. Check your equipment and internet connection

The video "Remote session exams - your required setup" details the internet connectivity and computer equipment you'll need in order to run a remote session exam successfully. You should watch the video, and then complete the equipment and technical checks below. 


Video: remote session exams - your required setup

Pre-booking equipment and technical checks

You need to ensure you meet the minimum technical requirements to run the exam the successfully.

Check the minimum technical specifications

If you can confirm your device and connectivity can meet these requirements you must then complete a system check.

This check is carried out via our testing partner and will confirm your internet speed, webcam and microphone performance.  It’s important to complete these tests on the same network and computer you will use on exam day, in the same location. 

If your computer or internet access has any upgrades after you run the system test, and before your exam, it's important that you re-run this test before exam day. 

Complete the system test

Please note that passing the system test does not necessarily mean that you fulfill the minimum technical specification.  It is therefore important to complete both checks and confirm you successfully meet both criteria.

If you can't meet these pre-booking entry requirements you should not enter for the exam as the exam won't run successfully.

3. Make sure you understand the exam rules, including room and desk setup

There are some aspects of the exam which are different from centre-based exams. The video "Remote session exam rules and regulations" explains in detail how your room and desk must be set up, and the other rules you need to be familiar with, and you should watch this before you book.

Video: Remote session exam rules and regulations

You will be required to agree to all the rules and regulations of the exam when you book your exam. Please be aware of the following:

  • You must take your exam in a private and quiet room for the full duration of the exam.
  • You are only permitted one 5 minute bathroom break from when you start the check-in process until the conclusion of the exam.
  • You will not be allowed to use to scrap paper or additional monitors during the exam. View what you are allowed on your desk.
  • You will be filmed throughout the exam and these and other data will be shared with 3rd parties for the sole purposes of running the exam and for other related post-exam activities.

View the full rules and regulations of remote exams

Any questions? 

If you still have any questions prior to booking please visit our frequently asked questions

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