IAESB: 2014-2016 strategy and work plan

Comments from ACCA to the International Accounting Education Standards Board, October 2013.

General comments

ACCA is generally satisfied that the overall direction of the IAESB 2014 - 2016 Strategy and Work Plan is appropriate given the recent updating of the education standards, the focus has moved on to promoting their adoption and implementation.

ACCA is pleased to see the prominence of public interest in this strategy document and the explicit recognition that all IAESB strategic priorities are designed with this overall concept in mind as a capstone.

ACCA fully supports the promotion of accounting education standards in a much wider constituency as this will ultimately help to increase accounting capacity across the world.

ACCA suggests the document includes reference to good practice on including integrated reporting principles in the accounting curriculum.

Specific Comments

Figure 2 IAESB Strategic Objectives

Clarification is required on whether thought leadership is included in pillar 4 of Figure 2: IAESB Strategic Objectives.

Appendix 1: IAESB Activities and Projects

Develop Guidance on Learning Outcomes Approaches for Professional Accounting Education

ACCA feels that the International Education Paper should address the scope and limitations of e-assessment for higher intellectual domains and the suitability of different models for education, training and demonstrating work-based competencies.

Promote the Recognition and Adoption of IESs with IFAC Member Bodies, Regulators, and Education Providers through Outreach Activities

ACCA feels the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) should be included in the list of bodies that IAESB seek endorsement. 

Develop Implementation Guidance on Entry Requirements into Professional Accounting Education Programs

Clarification is required on the development of entry requirement guidance. There is a lack of reference to technician/foundation level qualifications in developing accounting from a grassroots approach, as opposed to through degree education. Are technician/foundation level qualifications included in the ‘alternative pathways to entry into a professional accounting education program’?

Promote the Benefits of the Revised IESs as a Benchmark for Country Accountancy Development and the Development of Human Capacity

ACCA feels the UNCTAD should be included in the list of bodies that IAESB seek endorsement along with how IAESB links to the UNCTAD initiative.