Companies House: suspicious emails

Some practitioners have received emails purporting to be from Companies House

ACCA is aware that some practitioners have received suspicious emails about company complaints. These emails are not from Companies House.

The emails may be sent from,, or others.

The message has the Companies House logo and says that a company complaint was submitted or company complaint was accepted.

It gives a fraudulent email address to contact and a fraudulent phone number, +44 (0)303 1234 700.

If you receive a similar email, please verify the sender’s email address and, if it looks suspicious, report it to Companies House by emailing as soon as possible.  

Do not disclose any personal information or open any attachments. Companies House will never ask for your authentication code.

More information on reporting fraud to Companies House is available if you need further guidance.

ACCA has a list of practitioners it is will authorise for anti-money laundering (AML) regulations purposes. Communications were sent to practitioners advising members to reply to a communication to register. The registration email was sent in May detailing the information required by 26 June.

Find out more about AML guidance.