Raising standards in tax advice - protecting customers claiming tax repayments

ACCA's response to HMRC's consultation on proposals to address consumer protection issues for individuals who claim tax repayments via repayment agents.

Ethical behaviour in the tax profession is fundamental to the maintenance of trust in the tax system. The work carried out by professional advisers and the bodies they belong to, need to be trusted by society at large as well as by clients and other stakeholders. What a professional accountant does reflects not just on themselves but on the profession as a whole.

ACCA’s 2019 report ‘G20 Public Trust in Tax’ showed People continue to have the highest level of trust in professional tax accountants (55% trusted or highly trusted). Although accountants remain the most trusted group in the debate around tax policy and ethics, there are inevitably conclusions drawn that advisers must at the very least be complicit in the minimisation of corporate tax contributions.

To read the full response, please download the consultation PDF file.