Applied Skills exams

Continue building skills to become a professional accountant

Building on existing knowledge and understanding, Applied Skills develops strong, broad and practical finance qualities required of strategic professional accountants in any sector or industry.

What students can achieve

Students can gain the Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business when they pass all the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams, and complete the Ethics and Professional Skills module.

The Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business is benchmarked at a UK Bachelor’s university degree and students can also gain a world renowned university degree at the same time as studying for the ACCA Qualification.

We have a partnership with Oxford Brookes University, which means students can gain a BSc (Hons) degree in Applied Accounting while they work towards completing their Applied Skills exams.

Students are automatically opted into the degree when they register. For more information on the BSc degree scheme visit our Oxford Brookes section.

Exam fees and estimated time for completion

To find out the Applied Skills exam costs visit our fees section.

Depending on when students take the exams and the Ethics and Professional Skills module, this award could be achieved in 12-18 months.

Job opportunities on completion