Pre-September 23 mock exams

Comprehensive support for the September 23 session including new mock exams & debrief videos.

Some of the most important activities in the final stages of your studies are question practice and effective debriefing. To support your preparation, we will be releasing new mock exams for Applied Skills and Strategic Professional exams on the ACCA Practice Platform.

We'll be following this up with some great new debrief videos from our expert tutors. Make sure to complete the mock exam in full, under timed conditions before you watch the debrief videos. 

Tutor view: How to get the most out of your mock

Step 1: Complete the new mock

Mocks will be available on 14 Aug. 

Step 2. Debrief the mock using new videos

Mock exam debrief videos will also be available on 14 Aug via the ACCA Student Study Resources YouTube channel and the below pages: