Sustainability is top of the agenda for business, the public sector and policymakers everywhere. Accountants, with their broadening skillset, have a central role to play in informing, driving and embedding sustainable approaches.


Artificial intelligence

AI will increasingly shake up the world of accountancy bringing opportunities, risks and change. Accountants have a pivotal role as innovators, leveraging AI to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and strategic decision-making.


Every organisation needs accountants, now more than ever. As the accountant’s role broadens, the profession offers an increasing range of career opportunities including the development of new job roles, with mobility across sectors and geographies.

Our commitment to the UN SDGs

We know we can make the most significant contribution by supporting and empowering our proud, connected community...

ACCA's global policy positions

Our two global policy positions provide a focus for our work with governments and policy makers around the world.

Accounting for a better world - Explore the seven priorities for a transforming profession