It’s only after five-years' continuous membership and compliance with our CPD scheme that you earn the right to use ‘FCCA’ after your name and enjoy the additional prestige that comes with it.

A significant milestone

A major achievement, your eagerly anticipated graduation to fellowship: 

  • demonstrates to employers that you have extensive experience; and
  • signifies you’ve made a long-term commitment to professionalism and ethics.

Achieving fellowship

As with membership, there’s no formal application process. We’ll follow your progress and write to you, congratulating you on achieving FCCA status, once you’ve submitted your fourth ‘Option A’ CPD declaration.

Befitting their importance, FCCA certificates are sealed at a special meeting of our Council. This is usually held quarterly.

The road to fellowship 

If you joined in 2010, you could already be celebrating your newly-awarded FCCA status.

Members joining in 2016 could expect to achieve FCCA status in 2021, as this example timeline shows: 

  1. Admitted to membership – 2016
  2. First year of complying with our CPD policy – 2017
  3. Option A CPD declarations (confirming you’ve complied with our CPD requirements) submitted for 2017 to 2020 inclusive
  4. FCCA status awarded – 2021.