The Disciplinary Committee deals with any disciplinary matters referred to it by an independent assessor, following an investigation by ACCA of an allegation made against an ACCA member, firm, registered student or non-member bound by the ACCA disciplinary regime.

The Admissions and Licensing Committee deals with all admission, re-admission and licensing issues.

The Appeal Committee hears appeals from decisions of the Disciplinary Committee and the Admissions and Licensing Committee.

All Committees are independent of ACCA.


ACCA publishes certain information in relation to its disciplinary and regulatory service. The main types of publicity are:

  1. Pre-news Release: Details of forthcoming hearings in summary form published on the ACCA website.
  2. Post-news Release: Details of concluded hearings in summary form published on the ACCA website. Post-news Releases are also provided to local press if the relevant individual operates in the UK or Ireland, for Disciplinary Committees only.
  3. Reasons: These are produced by ACCA’s Committees. They contain details (including the outcome) of the hearing and are published on the ACCA website.

Please note: there is some information that ACCA does not publish and, in exceptional circumstances, it may be appropriate for ACCA to temporarily remove publicity.

Download our PDF for further information on ACCA’s Approach to Publicity (PDF, 82KB)

Our Panel

The Panel combines lay and accountant committee members, chairmen and legal advisers, as well as disciplinary assessors and regulatory assessors. Members of ACCA's Panel are independent decision makers and their appointment is overseen by ACCA's Appointments Board.

  • Our panel members

    Our panel members are:


    • Andrew Gell
    • Andrew Popat
    • Carolyn Tetlow
    • Colette Lang
    • David Tyme
    • Ilana Tessler
    • Kathryn Douglas
    • Martin Winter
    • Maurice Cohen
    • Neil Dalton
    • Suzan Matthews
    • Tom Hayhoe
    • Valerie Paterson
    • Wendy Yeadon

    Lay Panel Members

    • Alison Sansome
    • Andrew Skelton
    • Caroline Robertson
    • Colin Childs
    • Damian Kearney
    • Deborah Fajoye
    • Diane Meikle
    • Geoffrey Baines
    • Jackie Alexander
    • Louise Wallace
    • Mark Mills
    • Nigel Pilkington
    • Rachel O'Connell
    • Roger Woods
    • Samantha Lipkowska
    • Simon Lewis
    • Sue Heads
    • Victoria Smith
    • Yvonne Walsh

    Accountant Panel Members

    • Abdul Samad
    • Andrea White
    • Beth Picton
    • David Horne
    • Fiona MacNamara
    • George Wood
    • Joanne Royden-Turner
    • Nimra Syeda
    • Ryan Moore
    • Susan Gallone
    • Trevor Faulkner
    • Wanda Rossiter

    Legal Advisers

    • Alastair McFarlane
    • Andrew Granville-Stafford
    • Ashraf Khan
    • Charles Apthorp
    • Chloe Hudson
    • David Marshall
    • David Mason
    • Fiona Barnett
    • Giovanna Palmiero
    • Helen Gower
    • Ini Udom
    • James Keeley
    • Jane Kilgannon
    • Judith Chrystie
    • Juliett Gibbon
    • Margerat Obi
    • Melissa Coutino
    • Richard Ferry-Swainson
    • Robin Havard
    • Sobia Hussain
    • Tope Adeyemi
    • Valerie Charbit

    Disciplinary Assessors

    • Christine Fraser
    • Gillian Seager
    • Hannah Capgras
    • Ian Waugh
    • Linda Hawkins
    • Melanie Swinnerton
    • Modupe Smith
    • Patrick Booth
    • Peter Wrench
    • Sarah Eynon

    Regulatory Assessors

    • David Sloggett