The benefits of the Accelerate programme for your university

Why Accelerate is right for you

When you join Accelerate and work with ACCA, you gain a competitive edge that will help you attract the brightest finance and accountancy talent from around the world.

You also open the door to a whole host of benefits for your students.

Boost the attractiveness of your courses

An ACCA accreditation adds value to your finance and accounting courses. And when you also offer students a fast tracked, discounted route to a world-leading professional qualification, they become even more attractive.

Gain higher employability scores

Students who are committed to pursuing a career in finance and accountancy – and are well on their way to a professional qualification – are more likely to find jobs quickly when they graduate. This improves your employability scores, which in turn helps you to recruit the best students, build relationships with employers and achieve higher rankings.

Get access to teaching resources and support

As an Accelerate partner, you get access to our world-class resources and support materials – including our Educator Hub and Tutor Excellence Programme as well as digital support and training. This helps you to give your students the most up-to-date, cutting-edge support and guidance throughout their studies.

Enhance your reputation

More motivated students, greater resources and an association with the leading, global professional body will all help to strengthen your reputation even further.