ACCA works to strengthen Azerbaijan accountancy and auditing

Global accountancy body engages with Azerbaijan key stakeholders in building accountancy and auditing profession in the country

Leading global body ACCA is continuing to work with the Azerbaijan government, regulatory and accountancy bodies in a concerted effort to make further progress in building a stronger accountancy and auditing profession in the country. 

In a series of meetings with key Azerbaijan stakeholders in Baku this month (3-6 June), Fazeela Gopalani, Head of Eurasia & Middle East, ACCA met with senior key stakeholders to discuss how;

  • ACCA can use its considerable capacity building experience and expertise in the country;
  • to embed the implementation of international accounting and auditing standards;
  • to develop Azerbaijan accountancy qualifications;
  • ACCA can work alongside professional accountancy organisations (PAOs), for example sharing  technical expertise on implementing international accounting and auditing standards.

Fazeela Gopalani said: ‘It was a privilege to hold such a series of highly successful meetings with so many key players. We explored in depth how to further support developing the adoption of international accountancy and auditing standards and we shared our experience of how ACCA is working with other countries around the world.

 ‘What is clear is the huge potential of the accountancy and auditing sector in the country. The appetite and passion for building a highly successful accountancy profession has left me and my colleagues enormously impressed. With COP29 coming up in November this year I expect Azerbaijan to make enormous strides especially as the country works towards it ambitious ten year development strategy Azerbaijan 2030.’

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