Working and studying in the USA

Immigration to the USA

ACCA USA receives many inquiries from ACCA members and student worldwide who have an interest in working or studying in the USA. While ACCA USA is unable to assist and advise individual members and students, we have prepared two guides to assist you in your journey:

(1)    Guide to USA Immigration
(2)    Studying in the United States: A Guide for ACCA Members and Students

These guides are intended to be a first resource if you wish to work or study in the USA, but they should not be seen as a substitute for conducting your own research and consulting additional resources.

Guide to USA-based accounting credentials

This document is a guide to USA-based accounting credentials and was prepared by the ACCA USA office and is intended to assist ACCA members and students living in or moving to the United States achieve the local qualification in order to achieve the right to practice audit in the USA. Additionally, this document also provides information on foreign credential evaluation services in the United States.

Study at an academic partner in the USA

Our USA academic partnerships enable current and prospective ACCA students to continue their education in the United States and gain ACCA exemptions, while working towards a bachelor's or master's degree from a valued and impressive US university. Read more about USA academic partnerships.