Forthcoming policy submissions


An important part of ACCA’s mission is to make a strong and distinctive contribution to all the key debates on technical issues affecting business and accountancy. ACCA represents the interests of its members and their employers in relation to the legislation and professional standards they will have to comply with in the course of their work.

As well as liaising directly with government departments and standard-setting bodies, ACCA works in partnership with many different professional and business organisations, in the UK and internationally. ACCA is also highly active on international platforms dealing with technical policy issues. 

Our work is assisted by forums of expert members from around the world.

Forthcoming ACCA submissions


Our ref Consultation title Consulting body Consultation deadline
Due July 2015      
TECH-CDR-1346 Effective Date of IFRS 15 (Proposed amendments to IFRS 15) IASB 03-July-15
Due Sept 2015      
TECH-CDR-1347 IESBA exposure draft: Responding to non-compliance with laws and regulations IESBA 04-Sept-15
Due Oct 2015      
TECH-CDR-1348 Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting IASB 26-Oct-15
TECH-CDR-1349 Updating References to the Conceptual Framework IASB 26-Oct-15