IPSAS implementation: current status and challenges

This report examines the progress being made, as well as the current challenges faced, with the implementation of International Public Sector Accounting Standards.


This study considers the current state of the adoption of IPSAS across the world. Our examination of different countries suggests IPSAS adoption has started to provide significant and common advantages across the public sector, yet important challenges remain in the roadmap to full adoption.

Benefits of adoption include:

  1. Greater accountability and transparency
  2. Better decision-making
  3. Improved efficiency
  4. Data consistency and application
  5. Sound financial management
  6. Professionalisation and access to talent
  7. Broader economic and social advantages
  8. Government stability
  9. International comparability

Despite these strong benefits, there is a wide variation in the rate of progress made with IPSAS adoption. Taking a sample of countries as examples, our report suggests progress remains slower than is desirable. Specific, complex and consistent implementation challenges have faced adopting countries, which need to be overcome.