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If an EU directive was enacted into English law, could it be examinable?

Yes - anything that becomes substantive English law will be examinable.

In contract law, do candidates need to know about anticipatory breach?

Yes, as this is part of breach.

Is it sufficient for candidates to just quote one case?

One case is enough per issue. If candidates state the principle and cite the name, it isn't necessary to describe the facts of the case. Cases should be cited to support the law but they are not necessary - examples are fine too. They can be used to show the candidate understands the point of law.

What is the advantage of studying law for accountants?

Accountants need to understand the general legal framework and specific areas relating to business so that they can recognise where a legal issue has arisen and then be able to employ a specialist for legal advice.

The F4 Corporate and Business Law syllabus focuses on legal issues relating to business that are of most concern to finance professionals.

December 2014 onwards

Why is F4 changing?

The aim of F4 is to develop knowledge and understanding about the general legal framework that accountants operate in. F4 does not aim to make students into lawyers. Accountants must be aware of the legal framework within which their legal professionals operate, and as such can be covered by the new structure of the exam. 

Why is F4 duration changing to two hours?

We have conducted extensive trialling and pre-testing on the new F4 exam structure and are confident that the reduced timing of two hours is appropriate and reflective of the structure (while also maintaining the existing rigour of the F4 exam).  We trialled the new exam format among a globally representative sample of students, including students with English as their second language.  Nationality/language did not impact the results (i.e., ‘English speaking’ students did not perform any better than non-native speakers).  Thus, the aims of the exam can be achieved effectively using a combination of objective test and multi task questions already used in other exams and within a two hour timeframe. 

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Why are we only introducing CBEs for F4 English and Global?

The decision for this was made due to demand by students. Over 75% of students sit the English and Global versions. The remaining 25% of students sit the exam across 15 other variants. It wouldn’t be feasible to move these variants to a CBE model. 

Does this change impact on students wishing to complete the Oxford Brooks BSc Degree who formerly needed to pass F4?

Part of the degree requirement is for students to demonstrate a minimum level of English language skills. Successfully completing F4 was one way in which students could meet this requirement but the changes mean that this will no longer be sufficient. There are a range of ways for students to meet this requirement and students impacted are being advised of these alternative routes. 

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Last updated: 4 Aug 2014