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An examination attendance docket is available to all students who have booked ACCA examinations. 

The docket will include:

  • a timetable of all the exams that you are entered for
  • details of the desk that has been assigned to you for each exam (paper-based exams only)
  • the address of your exam centre.

December 2016 - Paper Exam Dockets

If you have made an entry for paper exams at the December 2016 exam session you can access your examination attendance docket here. 

December 2016 - Session CBE Dockets

If you have made an entry for session CBEs at the December 2016 exam session, you can access your examination attendance docket here. Please note that photographs are no longer printed on the session CBE docket. You can use any form of photographic ID to verify your identity at the exam centre.

Pre-exam preparation

Plan how you are going to get to the exam centre

If you are not completely sure of the location of the centre, how to get there or how long it may take you, make sure you rehearse your route before the day of the exam. Please remember that exams may start at peak times so you should allow for rush-hour traffic and possible hold-ups.

Don't forget your docket

You should take your docket to the examination centre for each exam. This will ensure that you are registered as being in attendance for that exam.  

For session CBEs, on arrival at the exam centre you will be asked to present your exam docket in order to check in and be allocated a computer.  For paper-based exams you must sit at the desk as detailed on your docket.  

The docket will be collected by the supervisor during the exam to record your attendance. If you have any other exams during the session, the docket will be returned to you. If it is your last exam of the session, the docket will be retained for our records.

The examination attendance docket also details important exam regulations and guidelines. You should read these carefully to familiarise yourself with the exam procedure and what equipment you are allowed to take with you into the exams. These regulations are reproduced regularly in the notice board section of Student Accountant.

Remember to take your ID

Please take some form of official photographic ID, such as a passport, driving licence or national identity card. This will be checked during the exam together with your examination attendance docket to verify your identity. If you are unable to prove your identity your exam may not be marked. Please note that you are only permitted to attempt the exam(s) on your docket.

Arrive early

You should arrive at the examination centre 30 minutes before the start of the exam.  This is particularly important if you are taking a session CBE, to allow time for checking into the exam.

The paper based exams for F5 to F9, the Professional level, and Dip IFR are all, from September 2016, of three hours 15 minutes duration.  Please note that ACCA has removed the restriction relating to reading and planning time, so that while the time considered necessary to complete these exams remains at 3 hours, candidates may use the additional 15 minutes as they choose. ACCA encourages students to take time to read questions carefully and to plan answers but once the exam time has started, there are no additional restrictions as to when candidates may start writing in their answer books.

Full explanation on removal of official Reading Time for 3 hour examinations.

2 hour examinations remain unchanged.

Time should be taken to ensure that all the information and exam requirements are properly read and understood.

Exam day preparation

You've done the study and the revision, now exam day is approaching. Watch our video to plan and prepare for exam day. 

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Last updated: 13 Dec 2016