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ACCA's Approved Learning Partner programme gives formal recognition to leading learning providers for the quality tuition and support that they offer ACCA students. It is the platform through which we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship, increasing the global availability of effective and innovative ACCA course delivery and first-class student support.

Programme overview


The aims of the programme are to:

  • Approve quality ACCA learning providers that have demonstrated their success in supporting students through ACCA qualifications.
  • Support our learning partners in providing students with the opportunity to succeed.

The levels of approval are:

  • Gold
  • Platinum

Approval is given to learning providers who demonstrate that they meet the challenging performance targets set by ACCA. Gold and Platinum approvals are granted only to quality learning providers that ACCA is confident in recommending to students.

Gold approval is the first level of the programme and requires learning providers to meet a range of challenging performance targets covering the institution's overall management and, more specifically, its ACCA course management and delivery.

Gold approval can be given to learning providers who are teaching any ACCA qualification – ACCA or Foundation level– through face-to-face tuition, distance learning, E-Learning or blended learning.

Platinum approval is the highest and most prestigious level of the programme and is available for face-to-face, distance learning, E-Learning and blended learning providers.

In working with Platinum approved learning partners, ACCA aims to provide students with access to the tuition and support they need to become ACCA members. For this reason, Platinum approval is given only to those who teach the ACCA Qualification.

To be considered for Platinum approval, learning providers must already be Gold approved and, in addition to the performance targets that have been demonstrated to attain Gold approval, they  must also meet ACCA's Platinum performance targets and Platinum pass-rate targets over two consecutive sets of exam results.

ACCA’s Gold and Platinum Approved Learning Partners enjoy a range of benefits from their approval status such as advertising opportunities, marketing support and brand enhancement by association with ACCA.

If your organisation is thinking of applying for approval, read through this section for details of the full range of advantages the approval scheme offers.

As an Approved Learning Partner at Gold or Platinum level, you can take advantage of the following exclusive benefits that will provide you with a competitive edge over non-approved providers:

ACCA students can see you are quality assured 

Students will know you have been assessed against ACCA's widely recognised and highly regarded global best practice benchmarks. They have our assurance that your ACCA tuition is high quality and that you have efficient student support frameworks in place.

Enhance your brand

By becoming an Approved Learning Partner, you not only show students and their employers that you are committed to providing high quality tuition and student support, but also enhance your own reputation by association with ACCA.

Exclusive access to development opportunities and tools

You will have access to a wide range of development opportunities, tools and learning provider events provided by ACCA to support you in continuously improving the service you provide to students. The tools we provide include free results analysis reports at each exam session, for both paper-based and computer-based exams, as well as a range of tools available in the Education Hub.

Results Analysis Service

All Approved Learning Partners participate in the results analysis, at each applicable exam session, as a requirement of their approval. You can find out how your students are performing against worldwide pass rates at each exam session, for both paper and computer-based exams.

Excellent customer service

When you become an ACCA Approved Learning Provider, we will ensure that you are provided with excellent customer service and support by ACCA's headquarters and national office network.

ACCA will promote your institution

You will have an entry on ACCA’s online database of learning providers including up to 100 words of promotional text. You will also benefit from advertising opportunities on ACCA’s website, in ‘Student Accountant’ – our student ezine and through ACCA Access – our direct mailing service. See our advertising page for the details.

We will also promote your approved status by strongly recommending that our current and potential students study with ALPs. We will highlight the high quality learning experience they can expect from approved providers.

  • Online services: you will have access to your own, unique account. Through this, you will have the facility to maintain your details, apply to upgrade your approval, apply for re-approval, use our results analysis service and access past results analysis reports. Online tools and resources will be available to you in our Education Hub.
  • Marketing tools and support: you will receive a certificate of your approval from us, our distinctive logo to use on your advertising and use of either the Gold or Platinum approved title. ACCA's latest posters and flyers will be provided to promote your courses. You will also benefit from the regular online advertising that ACCA utilises to promote Approved Learning Partners.


A number of additional resources are available based on your level of approval:



ACCA promotional tools, including the use of the Gold Approved title and distinctive logo, together with a certificate of approval from ACCA

ACCA promotional tools, including the use of the Platinum Approved title and distinctive logo, together with a certificate of approval from ACCA

Recommendation by
ACCA as a quality learning provider 

Active promotion by ACCA to our Approved Employers and partners as a highest-quality learning provider 

Support to become Platinum, tailored to the needs of your institution 

Market information packages, including assistance with potential expansion opportunities 


The opportunity to have comments on ACCA exams considered at ACCA's Exam Review Board  

Last updated: 28 Aug 2014

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