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Different roles in accountancy
Today the role of the accountant is broadening even further and even more exciting opportunities are on offer.

Meet Elzbieta Kondratowicz
Credit team leader, Shell Business Services Centre, Krakow, Poland – and December 2013 exam session prizewinner.

Turning negatives into positive
You can cut down on stress at work by managing criticism effectively, whether you are the sender or the receiver.

Time for a new job
We take a look at the classic symptoms that suggest the time has come for you to consider looking for a new job. Alex Miller reports.

Top tips for better handwriting in exams
We talk to a couple of recent prizewinners on the topic of handwriting to discover how easy it is to improve your writing and thus avoid losing unnecessary marks in the exams.

Top questions to ask in an interview
We look at some of the most impressive questions to ask the interviewer the next time you go for a job interview.

Big ambitions – starting your own practice
It may be just a dream when you are studying, but once you qualify you may seriously consider setting up on your own. Iwona Tokc-Wilde looks at what this entails.

Have you got the right DNA?
Some of those who enter the accountancy profession aspire to become a finance director or chief financial officer one day. But what does it take to be a successful FD or CFO? And what does the job actually involve?

My journey towards ACCA membership
Student profile: Kerstin Benthack, financial analyst, American Express, London, UK.

Powerlifting student
Student profile: Jo Whiteley, head of finance, Flair Rugs, UK.

Game on
Staging a global sporting extravaganza can cover a nation in glory – or in shame. Whether it’s the Olympics or the football World Cup, the attention of the world is drawn to the host’s infrastructure, politics and organisational prowess.

Revenues swell for the World Cup
While all eyes were fixed on Spain captain Iker Casillas as he lifted the World Cup trophy in Johannesburg in 2010, little thought was given as to the tournament’s profitability – yet it would later be confirmed as the most lucrative in FIFA’s history.

Making finance count
Many accountancy professionals play key roles in their organisations, roles that go far beyond the stereotypical perceptions of accountants as ‘bean counters’ and ‘number crunchers’. Iwona Tokc-Wilde reports.

Keep fit for a healthy career
We take a look at how regular exercise can benefit your career prospects and productivity.

Career development: working abroad
Why working abroad can work for your career.

International study
Many thousands of students choose to study abroad and often end up working somewhere other than their home country. But what challenges does this present? How much effort should you make to immerse yourself in another culture and will it damage your career if you don't?

Why mentoring matters
Christine Sahadeo FCCA has enjoyed an eventful working life. Here, we discover how she has gone on to devote much of her time to providing the next generation of professionals in Trinidad and Tobago with their own opportunities to flourish.

Business scandals
We take a look at what recent business scandals tell us about today’s business expectations, and the practical systems and practices that are now considered necessary to be implemented.

Making the right moves
Body language is more innate for human beings than language and even facial expressions – it comes pre-programmed within us, which is why people who are born blind can use the same body language expressions as those who are sighted.

Maintaining a work/life balance with the temptations of technology
For many trainees, technology has increasingly blurred the lines between work and leisure time. Alex Miller takes a look at how to manage technology correctly to maximise your work/life balance.

Show your potential
Member profile: Janice Fan, associate, Equity Corporate Finance, Standard Chartered Bank, Hong Kong

Managing your online presence
Social and business networks are part of everyday life now and it is fully expected that anyone under the age of 70 will have an online presence (with an increasing number of over 70s catching up). But how do you strike the right balance between presenting a professional front and posting pictures of your Saturday night on Facebook?

Avoid the CV clichés
We take a look at some of the biggest clichés that regularly appear on CVs – and how best to avoid them.

New routes to the top
The traditional career path is no longer enough. ACCA’s Jamie Lyon outlines the new must-haves for high-fliers.

Being the best you can
You don’t have to have aspirations to be a multi-millionaire, globally recognised high flyer to learn lessons from those who are, and ensure that your work ethic helps you in your own career.

Prepare to meet thy cyber-doom
The speed of technology change and the colonisation of the workspace by personal and mobile devices have allowed cyber-criminals to outsmart businesses by targeting their staff.

Networking goofs and bloopers
By now, you’ve probably received quite a lot of advice on how to network but it’s sometimes easier to remember what not to do. Iwona Tokc-Wilde reports.

The pros and cons of temping
We bring you a snapshot of the temping market and find out what are the pros and cons of such a career move.

What salary should you be earning?
Knowing how much the average salary is for a trainee in your country is vital in determining whether your earnings are up with market rates or not. We bring you a salary snapshot from around the world and several of the global pay trends and benefits. Alex Miller reports.

Becoming a high-performing professional
What are some of the common characteristics of top performers and what steps can you take to reach the pinnacle of your profession? Iwona Tokc-Wilde finds out.

Twitter float… will it succeed or fail?
Twitter floated on the New York Stock Exchange in November. We look at the initial success of the IPO and the mid-term aims of the company following the boost to its cash flow.

Expert careers advice for 2014
The past few years have not been great for many job-seeking accountancy and finance professionals. You need to be well-informed and ready for opportunities, so we’ve gathered together recruitment experts to give their career advice for the year ahead.

Career development: integrated reporting
Integrated reporting isn’t just a new way of communicating business performance, says Clare Minchington, ACCA’s executive director – strategy and development. It’s a lever with which young accountants could accelerate their careers, develop strategic roles early on and make a difference in society.

Surviving a company merger
When your firm or company joins forces with another, you may feel overwhelmed or even threatened. Iwona Tokc-Wilde finds out how to cope during the crucial first few weeks

How to use social networking and blogging to find a job
Social networking has become increasingly important as a tool to help find a new job over the last few years. We explore how to ensure you can maximise the value of channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Beckham MLS move gathers momentum
David Beckham’s dream of setting up a soccer team in the US appears to be getting closer. But where does Beckham fit into the bigger picture of the Major League Soccer (MLS) business plan and does the league need less financial regulation to achieve its goals? Alex Miller reports

Expert career advice for 2014
The past few years have not been great for many job-seeking accountancy and finance professionals. You need to be well-informed and ready for opportunities, so we’ve gathered together recruitment experts to give their career advice for the year ahead

Fitting in
Corporate culture – ‘the way we do things around here’ – gives each organisation its unique identity. Iwona Tokc-Wilde explains why both employers and employees must find the right ‘fit’

A woman's world
We discover the countries and industries where women accountants are thriving in the greatest numbers. Alex Miller reports

Becoming the boss
You don’t rise to the top of a big accountancy firm by accident, it takes determination, vision, strategic thinking, strong core skills, and the respect of your peers – and that’s just for starters, says Lesley Meall

Improve your employability
Make potential bosses see you won’t need constant scrutiny, says Calum Robson – with headcounts under pressure, show how your transition will be seamless

International moves
Importing skills from abroad solves many employers’ skill shortages. Where could your ACCA Qualification take you? Calum Robson finds out

Soft skills
As you advance in your finance career, the type of person you are and the personal qualities you possess – your soft skills – will matter as much as your technical knowledge

Working with people from different cultures
There are a number of key considerations when working with professionals from different cultures. Alex Miller reports

Working in banking
Everything you need to know about working in the fast‑paced banking sector, including what job not to get if you want to gain ACCA membership. Beth Holmes reports

Taking a proper lunch break
It’s an aspect of modern office life that we’re often too busy to take a proper lunch break. But this time is yours and you should use it to recharge your batteries

Face-to-face networking
Networking is a must-have business skill, one which can help you make friends and influence people all the way to the top of the career ladder. Here’s some advice on what to do when such a good networking opportunity arises.

Career focus: from industry to practice
Your finance career doesn’t have to be restricted to practice or commerce, as accountants who have worked in professional services and business reveal

Career focus: finance in the film and media industry
Have you ever looked at the celebrities on the front of magazines and wished that your life had a bit more excitement? Or watched a movie and pined for a more glamorous lifestyle than the career path you have chosen on face value might present. Fear not – we reveal how accountancy can provide the lifestyle of the rich and famous

Career development: changing direction
What happens if you decide you don’t want to be an accountant?

ACCA embeds integrated reporting
This article outlines how the ACCA Qualification embraces the underlying principles of integrated reporting (IR). IR is a different way of presenting information about the business to its stakeholders and, as such, is a new and exciting development in financial reporting

Changes to the ACCA Qualification in 2013
Gareth Owen, ACCA qualifications development manager, explains the planned updates to the ACCA Qualification syllabuses taking place in 2013 as part of the process of continuous syllabus maintenance and improvement. The article highlights the latest syllabus changes, including any minor structural changes to exams

Ethics and the ACCA student
As an ACCA student, ethical and professional development starts as soon as you register with ACCA

Member profile – Ali Ebrahim
Ali Ebrahim, audit senior at M Yousuf Adil Saleem & Co in Karachi, Pakistan, tells us about his journey to membership and discusses how, as an ACCA teacher, he is giving something back to the profession

Career development: keeping up to date with technology
Technology skills will be vital in your career as an accountant, whether you aspire to work in the technology industry, advise clients on its use, or make the best use of it yourself. Lesley Meall talks bits and bytes with ACCA trainees and members, and those responsible for their recruitment and training

Sector focus – outsourced finance functions
When it comes to careers in accountancy, does outsourced mean out of mind?

Career development: starting your own business
Starting a business has never been easy, and harsh economic conditions have made getting one off the ground even more difficult. But, by exploring all the available options, you can improve your chances of success

Career focus: financial controller
Financial control is a popular career path for many ACCA trainees, but what do financial controllers actually do, and to what degree are they really in control? Student Accountant finds out

Career focus: being CFO at HSBC
HSBC Singapore's Anthony Kam FCCA cites honesty and integrity as the key personal values which can help chief financial officers meet the increasingly tough demands of their jobs

Career focus: Patrick Kabuya and banking
Interview: South Africa-based Patrick Kabuya FCCA, of the World Bank’s African arm, tells us about the importance of accountants in making countries run successfully

Career development: planning and lucky accidents
Making firm career plans can be difficult, but as ACCA member Matt Topham found out, some opportunities can be too good to miss. Student Accountant caught up with him and asked about his career path diversions

Building a business empire
Starting up your own business as an accountant need not mean an accountancy practice. Student Accountant looks at the other options to consider

Case study: Kraft takeover of Cadbury
The takeover of Cadbury by US food and beverages company Kraft, generated a great deal of emotional outpouring by its workers and the media. Alex Miller cuts through the tension to analyse what the deal really meant

Career in motion
ACCA member Malcolm K Shroff talks to Student Accountant about his career at Tata Motors Ltd in Mumbai, India

Medal winners – where they now?
Victoria Morgan speaks to previous ACCA medal winners to ask how becoming ACCA qualified has helped them in their careers, and how winning a medal made a difference to their development

Book review – How to be brilliant
How to be brilliant – change your ways in 90 days! by Michael Heppell

Succeed for yourself
Succeed for yourself by Richard Denny

Success built to last
Success built to last by Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, and Mark Thompson

The Complete Mind Makeover – Transform Your Life and Achieve Success
The Complete Mind Makeover – Transform Your Life and Achieve Success by Ros Taylor

Boost your Creative Intelligence
Boost your Creative Intelligence by Harry Alder

Why good grammar counts
It is always essential to remember to do the basics well – and this is especially true with grammar. We bring you some basic tips to ensure your job prospects don’t suffer before they have even started

Book reviews – Brilliant CV and Brilliant interview
Brilliant CV by Jim Bright and Joanne Earl, and Brilliant Interview by Ros Jay

Book review – How to make an impact
How to make an impact by Jon Moon

Book reviews – The rules of work
The Rules of Work, The Rules of Management, The Rules of Life by Richard Templar

Book reviews – Do it tomorrow
Do It Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management by Mark Forster

Reviews – Little green book of getting your own way
Book: Little Green Book of Getting Your Way: How to Speak, Write, Present, Persuade, Influence, and Sell Your Point of View to Others by Jeffrey Gitomer

Reviews – Persuasion
Book: Persuasion by James Borg

Reviews – The life plan
The life plan – 700 simple ways to change your life for the better

Talking technology – accounting for software
Accountants use a multitude of different software applications, but the term ‘accounting software’ usually describes a system that records and processes the basic financial transactions that an organisation uses to manage its business.

Talking technology – beyond Excel
The advantages of web-based spreadsheet systems explained

Talking technology – content management
Even the smallest organisation needs to actively manage its content

Talking technology – coping with compliance
The time, effort, and expense involved in building a ‘compliance architecture’ can have a positive impact on a business

Talking technology – corporate identity theft
The growing problem of identity theft is attracting increasing attention

Talking technology – electronic signatures
As a source of potential confusion, we explain all you need to know about electronic signatures

Talking technology – integration issues
The truth is out there, but finding it is not easy. Integration is becoming a big issue for many organisations

Talking technology – Linux
What do a penguin and a Finnish software developer have in common? They both love Linux – and they are not alone

Talking technology – Microsoft NET
.NET represents the Microsoft strategy for connecting systems, information and devices through ‘web services’

Talking technology – mobile devices
The issues you need to consider before and after you acquire mobile devices

Talking technology – outsourcing and offshoring
Although people often use the terms outsourcing and offshoring interchangeably, they mean different things. We explain all

Talking technology – reduce reuse recycle
Changing the way you use technology can save money and help save the planet for future generations

Talking technology – Second Life
A virtual world that offers its ‘residents’ the opportunity to be whoever and whatever they like, whenever they like

Talking Technology – shared services
The potential of shared services explained

Talking technology – spam
What can you do about the problem of spam?

Talking technology – spoilt for choice
Effective financial management is essential to the success of any enterprise, and appropriate software is essential to effective financial management

Talking technology – tools of the trade
The lowdown on financial reports

Talking technology – XBRL
X marks the spot

Talking technology – you've got mail
The accessibility of email can be both a plus and a minus

Masterclass – PER annual returns
What is an annual return?

How to prioritise your time
Know your objectives – then, says Calum Robson, systematically look for the best short, medium, and long-term strategies

Talking technology – can you risk it?
Consider your actions and behaviour when using technology

My work as a fund accountant – Glen Fennell
Since leaving college in 1989, ACCA student Glen Fennell has built up an impressively varied CV

Profile – Boonlert Kamolchanokkul
As a result of studying in the UK, new ACCA member Boonlert Kamolchanokkul has long recognised the value of the ACCA Qualification, even though it is still yet to be formally recognised in his native Thailand

Reviews – Understanding Body Language
Book: Reading and understanding the Financial Times by Kevin Boakes

Talking technology – spreadsheet solutions
Control, management and the accountant’s favourite software application


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