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The examiners' reports are an essential study resource. Read them to learn about mistakes that students commonly make in exams and how to avoid them. The guidance articles and video set out the general approach to the syllabus and the exam, and provide tips on how to improve your exam performance.

Examiner's reports


The examining team prepares these reports after each exam session to offer constructive feedback on candidates’ performance in the examinations. They are full of useful guidance for future candidates.

The reports provide a general commentary on candidates’ performance as well as:

  • identifying technical aspects examined in the questions
  • highlighting good performance and where performance could be improved
  • explaining aspects which caused difficulty and why the difficulties arose, whether lack of knowledge, poor examination technique, for example.

The reports can be downloaded from the 'Related documents' section of this page.

Examiner's guidance


Approach article 

These resources are very useful when you tackle the paper for the first time. They give you real insight into what the examiner is looking for in terms of exam performance.

They cover:

  • the main themes of the paper
  • information on how the exam is structured
  • advice on exam technique
  • tips on how to succeed
  • potential pitfalls to avoid.

The examiner has also written articles on changes to the study guide.

The examiners' article can be accessed from the 'Related links' section of this page.

Video: Five minutes with the examining team 

The F8 ACCA qualification technical adviser gives advice about what the examining team are looking for, strategies to give you a better chance of passing the exam, and more. Watch it now

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Last updated: 15 Jan 2018

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