Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR)

Exam dates and fees

From the June 2023 exam session, you can choose which date you would like to attempt your Diploma in International Financial Reporting exam. The exam will be held on both 8 June 2023* and 9 June 2023. Please select the date you prefer when making your entry.

* Selected markets only

Exam starting times

Details of local start times can be found on the Exam Planner and will be stated on exam dockets.

New applicants

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In order to sit exams at a specific session, you will need to register for the DipIFR qualification online and upload all supporting documentation by the following registration closing date:  

10 April 2023 (for the June 2023 exam session)
2 October 2023 (for the December 2023 exam session)

Once registered you have until 1 May 2023 (June exam session) and 6 November 2023 (December exam session) to access the exam planner via your myACCA account and enter for the exam.

When you log in to your myACCA and choose ‘exam entry’, you will then select the country you want to sit your exam in. This will provide you with a list of available exam centres within that country, for that particular exam session

Already registered

Registered DipIFR students can book entry to the exam by logging into myACCA and selecting 'exam entry'.