Integrated reporting in Turkey - current situation, stakeholders' perceptions and expectations

This is a joint research, carried out by ACCA, CFGS and KPMG Turkey and aims to reveal views of the Turkish business world regarding integrated reporting and corporate reporting practices.

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A large group of participants, responsible for the implementation of the fundamental strategies and policies of the corporations, took part in the study.

Why integrated reporting?

The financial crises experienced in recent years have made it more necessary to be transparent, fair, accountable and responsible when it comes to communications between businesses and stakeholders. It is not enough for companies to only report their financial performance but also to share the added value for their stakeholders and the society and environment that they live in.

The new format proposed at this point is 'integrated reporting', which results in a business model based on an 'integrated thinking'. Integrated reporting has become a popular reporting method and is being implemented in many countries across the globe.

Key topics and recommendations

  • A mechanism to ensure the reliability of the information in the integrated reporting and audits of integrated reports are significant and needs solution.
  • Integrated reporting practices will provide significant benefits for providing qualified information that will be the basis for the investment decisions of publicly held companies in the emerging markets where investor confidence is important.
  • It is recommended that the Integrated Reporting Turkey Network (ERTA) should set up projects, hold promotional and informative meetings and organise trainings for the companies in order to increase awareness and disseminate the integrated reporting.
  • Including integrated thinking and value creation topics in universities will contribute to more qualified employees and to giving stakeholder the necessary knowledge.
  • To achieve reliable progress, it is necessary to find firms that will provide training and qualified consultancy services regarding the integrated thinking and integrated reporting.

The research results are of great importance in creating the future strategy and road map regarding the integrated reporting in Turkey.