EPSM unit 2 syllabus

Information on the syllabus content and structure for unit 2 of the Ethics and Professional Skills Module.

TARGET - unit 2

Personal effectiveness

This unit explains how you can work efficiently by prioritising, organising and managing your time effectively. It contains sections on how to organise successful meetings and how to make the best use of technology, including spreadsheets and data analytics, to find effective solutions to business issues. The unit concludes by considering the importance of maintaining professional competence and pursuing life-long learning 

Section 1: Unit overview

a) Introduction

Section 2: Prioritising, organising and managing time effectively

a) Introduction

b) Prioritising your time

c) The urgent-important principle

d) Ten ways to effectively manage your time

e) Managing time effectively quiz

Section 3: Using technology effectively

a) Introduction

b) Using email effectively

c) How to manage email

Section 4: Organising meetings effectively

a) Organising virtual meetings and managing diaries using appropriate software

b) Arranging a meeting

Section 5: Using spreadsheets effectively

a) Introduction

b) Virtual software

Section 6: Big data analytics

a) Introduction

b) Why is big data important?

c) Data security

d) Physical security

e) Computer security

f) Cyber security

g) What’s my role?

h) Personal effectiveness test

Section 7: Maintaining professional competence and lifelong learning

a) Introduction

b) Continuing professional development

c) Personal development plan

d) How to craft your CV for the job of your dreams

e) Tips to prepare for an interview

f) The interview

g) Getting it wrong

h) Getting it right

i) Unit action plan

j) Continuing professional development quiz

Section 8: April’s story

Section 9: Unit summary

Summative exercise

The learner is faced with a challenging task where they are asked to guide April, a recently qualified ACCA member who wishes to progress in her career. They must use the skills learned throughout this unit to make appropriate choices for April.