EPSM unit 5 syllabus

Information on the syllabus content and structure for unit 5 of the Ethics and Professional Skills Module.

GROUP - unit 5

Leadership and team working

This unit of the module introduces leadership and working in teams. The unit explores different type of leadership approaches and qualities of effective leaders which can be adopted or adapted at any level of the organisation. This unit also demonstrates how effective leadership involves inspiring, motivating and supporting teams to work effectively and efficiently, making the most of the individuals within them. 

Section 1: Unit overview

a) Introduction

Section 2: Leadership and management

a) Introduction

b) The nature of leadership

c) Situational leadership

d) Leadership in action

e) Action-centered leadership (Adair)

f) Leadership and management quiz

g) The nature of leadership quiz

Section 3: Leadership styles

a) Introduction

b) Factors influencing leadership style

c) Blake and Mouton grid

d) Leadership styles quiz

Section 4: Putting effective leadership into practice

a) Introduction

Section 5: Examples of outstanding leaders

a) Outstanding leaders

Section 6: Team roles

a) Introduction

b) Team roles

c) Team roles quiz

Section 7: Team development

a) Introduction

b) Team development quiz

Section 8: Motivation

a) Introduction

b) The nature of motivation

c) Motivational forces

d) Motivation based on needs

e) Motivators and dissatisfiers

f) Expectancy theory

g) Summary

Section 9: Accountability, responsibility and authority

a) What can go wrong?

b) What is accountability, responsibility and authority?

c) Delegation of authority

d) Delegation of authority quiz

Section 10: End of unit quiz

a) Introduction

b) Question 1 and 2

c) Three years later

d) Question 3 - 6

e) Final accounts preparation

f) Question 7 -11

Section 11: End of unit activity

Section 12: Unit summary

Summative exercise

The learner takes on the role of a leader who is trying to manage a diverse group of individuals to achieve a task within a team. The learner must identify the type of leadership style they are adopting and the potential issues with their approach to achieving the task. The task will involve tracking the progress of the leader in making and communicating decisions to the team and reflecting on whether the decision and behaviour adopted was appropriate.