Consultation: creating a 21st-century tax system

HMRC's call for evidence: the tax administration framework: supporting a 21st century tax system

ACCA responded to HMRC's call for evidence, which closed on 13 July 2021, on how the legislation underpinning administration of the tax system could be updated.

ACCA is required to work within its public interest remit, to pursue policy that will promote wider good rather than solely representing the interests of our members. We also set and maintain the standards of members operating within and advising private sector businesses on all issues, including those relating to tax reporting and compliance.

ACCA’s report in September 2020, ‘Foundations for a Sound Tax System’ identified three fundamental considerations which every tax system should strive for, and by which citizens can measure the success of governments and tax administrations in developing laws and processes. Government must consider simplicity, certainty and stability as the cornerstones of a good tax system. In the consideration of this reform, HMRC possesses the opportunity to build in greater simplicity, reducing barriers to compliance, offering greater accountability through transparency about what taxpayers owe and improving stability where counteracting measures can be reduced.

To read the response in full, please download the consultation response document.