Information we need about your organisation

Name and details of employees

We need to know the registered name of your company or organisation, and its physical address. It’s important to reflect this accurately, because we’ll use this information to confirm that your trainees and members are eligible to take advantage of the simplified processes your approval offers.

If you want to cover a number of different locations with your approval, we’ll need the address for your registered head office, or the office where your finance, human resources or learning and development department is based. We’ll ask you more about those locations in the Approval scope section of the application form.

Organisation and employee information

You’ll also need to tell us some information about your organisation and its employees.

It will be helpful to have this information ready before you start your application, including the number of:

  • total employees
  • directors/partners
  • finance employees
  • ACCA students & members

Primary and secondary contacts

The primary contact is the person we will contact if we have any questions about your application. If your application is successful, this person will be our main contact for important information about your continued approval, including our regular renewal and monitoring processes.

In large organisations we would recommend that this is a senior professional in either the finance or human resources/learning and development function.

In smaller companies it should be the person responsible for co-ordinating training and development for finance professionals.

If you are a firm of accountants in public practice and you are applying for Practising Certificate Development approval, the primary contact must be either a training partner or a training principal within your firm.

We strongly recommend that you also provide details for a secondary contact. If we can’t get in touch with your primary contact, we will contact this person in their absence.

An ACCA student or affiliate cannot be listed as the primary contact for your approval, but they can be listed as your secondary contact.