Assessment and evidence

Approved Employer assessment

You will need to tell us which of our evidenced targets and best-practice statements your company or organisation is able to meet.

Our Approved Employer Assessment Matrix and detailed guidance will help you identify whether your company can meet the targets, and if you will be able to provide the required documentary evidence.

Download the Approved Employer Assessment Matrix (PDF, 27 KB)

Documentary evidence

We will need to see documentary evidence that shows how your organisation or company meets each of the evidenced targets. Detailed information on the evidence requirement for each target is provided in the stream-specific guidance pages:

You will be asked to type a brief description of your company’s policies and processes, explaining how they are relevant to each evidenced target.

Alongside the description, we’ll ask you to tell us the name of the document(s) you will upload to demonstrate that target. It’s helpful if the information you enter here matches the file names of the documents you are going to upload.

It’s okay to demonstrate more than one target with a single document, as long as you’ve clearly stated how it is relevant to each target.

All evidence is treated as confidential, but you may blank out any details within the documentation that you consider to be sensitive or personal.