ACCA Certificate in Digital Innovation for Finance (CertDIF)

Certificate syllabus

The material will be presented in a series of units, which you'll progress through to complete your studies. 

Topics covered by the certificate

The certificate is divided into 20 units, each lasting around one hour:

Section A: Here and now Section B: Emerging technologies Section C: Future disruptors Section D: Digital transformation
1. Introduction 6. Machine learning 11. Blockchain technology 15. Digital transformation: the role of finance
2. Big data  7. Robotic process automation 12. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency 16. Developing a DX strategy
3. Data analytics 8. Artificial intelligence and intelligence augmentation 13. Deep learning 17. Managing digital change
4. Data science

9. Data preparation, transformation and infrastructure 14. Embedded and self-serve analytics 18. Digitising internal processes
5. Analytic tools 10. Data visualisation   19. Digitising products and services
      20. Digital finance: where do you fit in?