Certificate in International Public Sector Accounting Standards (Cert IPSAS)

Cert IPSAS will be relevant to you if your organisation is currently using or about to implement IPSAS®, or if you work with clients who use IPSAS Standards®.

It’s perfect for helping employees with a background in financial reporting to meet the challenges of implementing IPSAS, providing a practical and introductory knowledge of these standards and how they are interpreted and applied.

It’s been prepared for:

  • public sector employers and employees globally
  • accountants working or wishing to work in the public sector
  • learning providers
  • national and local governments
  • policy makers specialising in the public sector.

If you already have a professional accountancy qualification this qualification can be a valuable source of CPD, offering an opportunity to top up existing competencies with specific technical knowledge and skills around IPSAS Standards.

If you do not hold a professional accountancy qualification, it offers the opportunity to gain formal recognition of IPSAS knowledge and skills. It is recommended that an educational or vocational background in financial reporting is gained before starting on Cert IPSAS.