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The ACCA Qualification will of course give you the most up-to-date skills you need to become a finance professional. But it gives you a much deeper and more rounded approach than the purely technical.

Threaded through your whole journey are the ethics and values you’ll need to make a difference. And because you can only qualify when you have completed at least 36 months of hands-on professional experience, as a member you become exceptionally valuable to employers wherever you are in the world.

Course subjects

There are two levels of exams – Fundamentals and Professional.


This level has nine areas of study, divided into two modules.

The Knowledge module gives you a broad introduction to financial and management accounting.

The Skills module covers the main technical subjects you need to know.



If your starting point is having five secondary school qualifications, you’ll need to study and pass all nine of these exams.

If you have a degree that we recognise, then you may be able to by-pass the Fundamentals level altogether and start at the Professional level.


This level builds on your knowledge even further – giving you the advanced skills, techniques and ethical approaches you need to succeed as a senior finance professional.

There are two modules:

  • Essentials – you need to pass all three papers
  • Options – you need to choose and pass a minimum of two of these


Options – choose two

How long does it take to qualify?

This completely depends on what qualifications you have before you register with us.

The quickest way to become a member is to work and study at the same time. If you do, you could qualify in as little as three or four years.

Is there a time limit?

There’s no limit on how long you can spend on the Fundamentals level. Once you pass your first Professional level exam, you have seven years to pass the rest of the papers.

Practical experience

Exams are important. But part of what makes the ACCA Qualification so valuable is that it gives you real-world experience.

As well as completing exams and the ethics module, you need three years’ practical experience in a relevant role to qualify.


Having the highest standards in ethical accounting and reporting is absolutely fundamental if societies and organisations are to flourish. This is why professional ethics are at the heart of the ACCA Qualification. Ethics underpin your studies and inform your practical experience. They are covered in most of our training – and we also have a specific ethics and Professional Skills module which you complete in your own time.

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