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The forums

The ACCA Accountancy Futures Academy - 13 May 2014

A forward-looking radar for ACCA.

The ACCA Accountants for Business Global Forum - 13 May 2014

A business-focused think tank.

The ACCA Global Forum for Audit and Assurance - 13 May 2014

Championing the value of audit.

The ACCA Global Forum for Business Law - 14 May 2014

A strong and distinctive contribution to the business law debate.

The ACCA Global Forum for Corporate Reporting - 13 May 2014

Championing reporting that brings value to investors.

The ACCA Global Forum for Ethics - 03 June 2014

Highlighting ethical considerations in business.

The ACCA Global Forum for Governance, Risk and Performance - 13 May 2014

Ensuring ethical practices lie at the heart of business to bring about better business.

The ACCA Global Forum for the Public Sector - 13 May 2014

Promoting effective public financial management.

The ACCA Global Forum for SMEs - 13 May 2014

A unique platform for promoting the role of SMEs in the global economy.

The ACCA Global Forum for Sustainability - 13 May 2014

Putting sustainability at the heart of accounting and business.

The ACCA Global Forum for Taxation - 03 June 2014

Embracing global principles for better taxation which supports enterprise.

About the forums

The global forums have been created to contribute to ACCA’s technical and research work on issues facing business and the accountancy profession.

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Creating Value through Governance

The consultation period for ACCA’s paper on the above expires on 31 August. The paper examines whether existing governance and risk management frameworks are ‘fit for purpose’. It asks whether corporate governance, in practice, is actually helping businesses to create value and proposes a new approach to the application of governance theory. ACCA invites feedback on these ideas from all interested parties.