• Leadership that sustains performance and builds trust

    In this insightful and practical session, ACCA's talent doctor Rob Yeung explains how focusing on empowerment, authenticity, accountability and other skills can help leaders to hone organisational reputation, resilience and results.

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  • How to be a compassionate leader

    Jess Baker, chartered business psychologist, explores the core components of compassionate leadership, and tell us why it’s important and more timely than ever for organisations, managers, and the workforce to embrace compassion as the new solution. She’ll also share practical techniques on how to build more compassion into your working life.

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  • Coaching skills for managers: your job, your career

    An important skill in any manager’s toolkit is to be able to coach others whether you’re a team leader, working on a project with colleagues, or wanting to influence a key stakeholder.

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  • How to have a successful career: applying 8 proven rules for professional success

    You will learn about the importance of building relationships, going beyond boundaries, and taking control of your career so that you have both an enjoyable and profitable career

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  • Authenticity, purpose and personal brand

    You're qualified and making a solid contribution in your role. That's great but what's next? Hard work alone won't be enough to get noticed and set you on the path that will suit your unique aspirations and motivations. Connecting with your purpose and putting that at the centre of your personal brand will help you stand out from the crowd and more importantly, get you on the list for the things that you want to do, rather than what other people want you to do. 

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  • Becoming an authentic leader: lifting people and achieving organisational outcomes

    What helps certain leaders to be more successful? Research from business schools as well as employers points to an approach known as authentic leadership as a way to engage employees and achieve business objectives. Join Dr Rob as he takes you through the evidence for authentic leadership and its key principles. He will then guide you through a step-by-step process for adopting new leadership behaviours that will put you on the path to becoming a more compelling and successful leader.

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    What to do in the first few all-important months

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    What are the personality traits of those who are most likely to be destined for the C-suite?

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  • Make coaching work

    A willingness to be supported is a vital prerequisite to gaining the maximum benefit from the partnership

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  • Why leaders fail

    Over-relying on your strengths could end up derailing your leadership and leave you out of a job. Here’s how to avoid it happening

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  • Organisational leaders can motivate employees by focusing on more meaningful goals

    Doing a job that is both meaningful and compatible with your values can lead to greater satisfaction, higher levels of commitment and better health, says Dr Rob Yeung

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  • Servant leadership is good news for everyone

    Leaders who prioritise the well-being and growth of an organisation and its stakeholders may inspire employee performance, says Dr Rob Yeung

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