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  • Boosting your creativity: unleashing original thinking for problem solving and innovation

    Some people believe that creativity is innate. However, psychological research tells us that creativity can be developed through conscious choices and mental techniques. In this session, you will learn why brainstorming fails to generate great ideas – and instead how to use conflict, analogies, your mood, physical movement, and other methods to deliver new ideas. This webinar will dispel myths about creativity and provides both individuals and leaders with practical advice and tools for enhancing creativity and finding new, better ways for doing things at work.

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  • Sell your practice’s services

    Marketing your business in an innovative way will bring in new revenue streams and clients

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  • Develop your cultural understanding

    Being sensitive to differences among a global workforce can help organisations harness creativity and innovation

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  • Shaking up the brand

    In sectors where conformism is the norm, bold, edgy brands have a real opportunity to stand out. Jason Ball urges firms to leave tradition behind and be more ‘punk’

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  • Time for a communication rethink

    How we consume data has changed so much over the years that we need to rethink how we communicate important messages. The answer is 'sauce', says Harry Mills

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  • Free your mind with mundanity

    Research shows that people often have their best ideas when performing undemanding tasks

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