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  • How to be more assertive and get noticed

    In this webinar you’ll learn how to prepare points, make insightful contributions, and behave with greater confidence so that you can make a positive and lasting impression

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  • Going beyond the data: how to influence and persuade for positive impact

    Numbers and rational persuasion are rarely enough by themselves to change minds and influence action. In this webinar you’ll master multiple influencing tactics, including building coalitions, applying pressure, and making inspirational appeals

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  • The benefits of office politics

    ‘Playing the game’ at work isn’t necessarily a bad thing; you can be both political and principled 

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  • The cost of perfectionism

    While job candidates may think perfectionist tendencies are beneficial, research shows that their impact is not so positive

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  • How to be an expert negotiator

    Skilled negotiators can build enduring trust in four compelling ways 

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  • Honing your persuasive skills will win over audiences

    The art of persuasion takes skill and attention to detail. Dr Rob Yeung looks at how entrepreneurs win over investors and asks what lessons we could learn 

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