Anastasia Chalkidou

Introducing Anastasia



Q: What difference do you personally bring to a business?

A: The strong sense of ownership and commitment in everything I do as well as the variety of my professional experience so far.

Q: Give us your three future ambitions…

A: Inspire younger accountants to pursue their dreams, have a positive impact in the local and international business community, be an ambassador for the digitalisation of SMEs and the benefits related to new technologies.

Q: How important is it to feel part of something bigger?

A: Being part of a bigger “family” is fundamental for humans and our evolution. Through sharing and inclusion, we manage to elevate ourselves, learn from others, guide others, and create more value for the world.

Q: How has technology and digitalisation helped you?

A: Technology has always been core to our business strategy at Quantum. The pandemic though accelerated the adoption of technological breakthroughs and tools by our customers.