Students' FAQs on exam entry

Can I take the ACCA Qualification exams in any order?

For information on what exams you can take and in what order visit our progression rules page.

How long do I have to complete the exams?

For information on time limits please visit our time limits page

Where can I take my exams?

We have over 500 exam centres offering ACCA exams across the globe. Use our exam planner to find out what exams you can take and where.

How will I know when to enter for exams?

Please visit the exam entry page for information on exam entry closing dates for the upcoming sessions.

Can I enter an exam by letter or by email?

Due to the complexity of the information that must be collected, the risk of error and the volume of entries received each session, it is not possible for ACCA to manually process exam entries from letters, emails, faxes or print outs from myACCA screens.

To make a fast, simple and secure booking, visit our exam entry system.


Can I still sit my exams if I miss the standard exam entry closing date?

If you are a registered student and have missed the standard exam entry closing date, you can still use our exam booking system.

The late exam entry facility is only available for students who have not already entered for the exam session.  During the late exam entry period no exam entries can be amended (irrespective of when the entry was made).

How do I know if I my exam entry has been successful?

When entering for exams, please ensure that your email address on your myACCA account is the correct one and you have opted in to receive electronic communications so that you receive your confirmation email.  You should also check your spam in case the email has been delivered there.

If you do not receive your confirmation email, please check your myACCA account to see if your exam entry has been successful.  Retry if your exam entry does not show and funds have not been collected from your bank account.


How do I find out where to go on exam day?

You can log on to your myACCA account approximately two weeks after standard exam entry closes to download and print your exam attendance docket. This will include the address of the centre where you have been allocated, the exams you have been entered for and the dates for each exam.

Please remember that you must take your exam attendance docket with you to the examination centre. Please also take official photographic identification such as a passport, driving licence or national identity card.


Will I be able to sit my exams at the centre that I have requested?

In the vast majority of cases, you will be allocated to the centre of your choice. On very rare occasions, ACCA may have to allocate you to the nearest alternative centre. You will be told about this on your exam attendance docket.

In some cities, where demand is very high, students may be allocated to one of a number of different halls which make up a centre. As these halls can be in different locations, it is important that you read the venue details on your attendance docket carefully.

The network of available venues changes on a session-by-session basis so never assume that the venue from your last sitting will be the same as the one for any future sessions.

I would like to change my exam entry. Is this possible?

Yes. You can make amendments to existing exam entries up until the standard entry closing date – including withdrawing an entry, changing exam centre, variant papers or entering for more exams.

After the standard entry deadline it is not possible to withdraw or amend your entry.

The credit which was sitting on my account has been automatically allocated to pay overdue fees unrelated to exams, but can this be used to pay for an exam entry instead?

No. All refunds and credits sitting on students’ myACCA accounts will be automatically allocated against overdue invoices, starting with the oldest. 

In order to make a successful exam entry, students are required to clear all outstanding fees and pay the outstanding balance to cover exam entry payment.


What is the cost to sit at a special centre and how do I pay for this?

Some exam centres are designated 'special centres' which require additional fees.

Unfortunately we cannot give an indication of the additional fees payable at your centre as the costs of the special centres are dependent upon the number of candidates sitting, the range of exams being taken and local invigilation charges.

If you are sitting at a designated Special Centre, please pay all invigilation and accommodation fees directly to the local supervisor before the date of the examination. If you are unable to sit the examination for which you have entered, please advise the local supervisor in good time and pay whatever cancellation fees may be appropriate.

It is no longer possible to request for an unlisted special centre to be setup.

I require special facilities at the exam centre, is this possible?

You should raise a request on the Additional Support Portal, or see more information on additional support.

How do I change my tax and law variant entry option?

If you wish to change your tax and law variant exams please remember to do so by before the standard entry closing date ahead of the exam session you’ve entered for.  

Please note that your choice of tax variant will determine the choice of accounting and auditing standards available to you. Any changes to the current variant exams will be detailed in our Variants and options choices section.

How do I change my accounting and auditing standards entry option?

If you wish to change your accounting and auditing standards entry option please remember to do so before the standard entry closing date ahead of the exam session you’ve entered for.

Please note that your choice of tax variant will determine the choice of accounting and auditing standards available to you.

Can affiliates/members enter additional exams?

Yes. Members and Affiliates can enter for additional exams via myACCA. It is not possible to enter exams via email.

If I want to achieve UK Registered Auditor status, do I have to take any particular exams?

If you would like to obtain UK or Irish Registered Auditor status then you will need to take the UK/Ireland variants of Corporate and Business Law (LW), Taxation (TX), Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) and Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA). 

If you are awarded exemptions from papers Corporate and Business Law (LW) and/or Taxation (TX) but your degree/qualification does not cover UK or Irish tax and law you will need to pass the UK or Irish variants in order to be eligible for a practising certificate and audit qualification.

Can I enter for further examinations if I am under investigation for misconduct in a previous examination?

If you are currently being investigated for misconduct in a previous examination, you will not be permitted to sit for further examinations for the duration of this investigation. If you are referred to Professional Conduct, and have already entered for exams in a future session, the entries will be withdrawn. You will only be permitted to enter for further examinations if your case is closed and you are allowed to remain on the student register.

More information can be found here.