How are members selected?

We do this is by conducting annual reviews of a statistical sample of members' CPD to ensure they’re developing their knowledge and skills.

If you’re selected for review, we’ll provide constructive feedback on your CPD activities, along with any help needed to meet the requirement.

Members who don’t cooperate with the review process - for example by not responding to communications or failing to submit their CPD records - may be removed from the register of members.

What happens during the review process?

Our review team will be looking for a clear record of your CPD activity and to check that you’ve followed the guidance given on our keeping CPD evidence page. If you’ve used our online recording tool, please make sure your online record is fully updated for the year under review, click the “Complete” button and then notify us at

When your review is complete, we’ll also ask you to complete a CPD activities questionnaire. This enables you to give us feedback on our CPD review process and the resources we provide to help you complete your CPD requirement.

What do I do if I’m chosen?

If you are chosen for a review of your CPD records, please read 'Have you been selected for a CPD review?' factsheet which will assist you.