Reasons for the alliance

  • Is this simply a drive to increase membership numbers? How are you going to ensure there is no compromise in terms of quality or lowering of standards?

    The alliance is focussed on recognising and providing value to our members. We highly respect each other’s members and heritage. Our focus is to work together to provide enhanced benefits to members and a stronger proposition for all our other stakeholders.

    There is an opportunity for members who meet the eligibility criteria to apply for dual membership. Dual membership will be attractive to some members and is offered as a member benefit. Our current application to membership and qualification standards will be strictly adhered to - as it is for all members.

About the alliance

  • Is it an equal alliance/partnership?

    Yes absolutely. We are both strong brands, with a long and respected heritage, and we’re placing those brands side-by-side to bring enhanced value to our members, employers, and society.

  • Why did ACCA choose CA ANZ?

    The alliance brings together the resources of the largest global professional accountancy body with one of the world’s pre-eminent CA bodies. This enables both organisations to strengthen their reach, relevance and resources for members.

    In getting to know CA ANZ, we’ve found their values and their vision for the global profession align strongly with our own. And we feel that bringing the ACCA and CA brands side-by-side is a symbolic and important step that will shape the on-going development of the profession.

    We’re excited to be collaborating with an organisation which, like ACCA, is committed to innovation and shaping the future.

Impact on members

  • What's the benefit for ACCA members?

    We're collaborating to provide global and local networking benefits and increased career and employability support. Perhaps most importantly, we’re working together to shape the profession, building our shared reputation and influence on behalf of members of both bodies.

    Please also refer to the benefits listed on the main page of the alliance section of the site.

  • How do I apply for membership of CA ANZ?

    In outline, ACCA members will be eligible for CA ANZ membership if they are in good standing and have attained at least five years’ experience post-admittance to membership, and are currently residing in Australia or New Zealand.

    Information on how to apply can be found on the alliance pages of the CA ANZ website.

    Similar requirements will apply for CA ANZ members across the world who wish to apply for ACCA membership. Find out more in our mutual memberships area.

  • What will be the impact on current ACCA members who don’t want to also become members of CA ANZ?

    We believe this strategic alliance is very positive for all ACCA members. The alliance is the most significant of its kind globally giving us a powerful voice to work on behalf of all our members to lead and shape the profession.

    We are placing our brands side-by-side with a pre-eminent CA body, therefore enhancing the respect and influence our members have around the world.

    ACCA members benefit from better market recognition and new CPD resources even if they do not apply for dual membership.

  • What does the alliance mean for students currently studying for the ACCA qualifications?

    There’s no impact for students pursuing our respective qualifications, but the alliance will provide a stronger platform for future career advancement through enhanced employer recognition.

    Our focus is firmly on creating a strategic alliance that will benefit our respective memberships. It should motivate students to continue to progress towards membership as it is a bold and exciting alliance. It reinforces that they have made the right choice in choosing ACCA.  

    Furthermore we are looking to enhance the services and support to technician level students and to further promote their value to employers globally, with a view to widening access to the profession.

  • Can students switch path from ACCA to CA and vice versa?

    Students should continue to study for the qualification they’ve started. There are no plans to change the qualifications as a result of our strategic alliance.

Impact on employers

  • What does this alliance mean for employers?

    As the largest global alliance of its kind, we have a louder voice to champion the role of the profession ensuring it evolves to provide the skills employers need for the future.

    Working together on professional insights helps to highlight matters relevant to employers’ growth and long term sustainability.

    ACCA and CA ANZ strongly believe professional accountants must be rounded and developed with relevant skills, knowledge and experience. The alliance enables more opportunity to support employers.

    Through its combined network the alliance will also be better able to support employers globally.