Financial Accounting

Preparing you for the ACCA exam Financial Accounting (FA/FFA)

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About this course

This course introduces the principles of financial accounting, and will allow learners to demonstrate technical proficiency in the use of double-entry techniques. This includes the preparation and interpretation of basic financial statements for sole traders, partnerships and companies.

Building on your knowledge, this course will:

  • Prepare you to take the ACCA exam Financial Accounting (FA/FFA)
  • Teach you to record, process and report business transactions
  • Help you use the trial balance and identify and correct errors
  • Prepare you to draft financial statements
  • Help you apply the qualitative characteristics of useful information

What you will learn

In this course you will learn about:

  • context and purpose of financial reporting
  • qualitative characteristics of financial information
  • double-entry and accounting systems
  • recording transactions and events
  • preparing a trial balance (including identifying and correcting errors)
  • preparing basic financial statements for incorporated and unincorporated entities
  • preparing simple consolidated financial statements
  • interpreting financial statements.

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Financial Accounting prepares you to take related ACCA exam Financial Accounting (FA/FFA), when you register as an ACCA student. 

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