About the ACCA Rulebook

The Rulebook is a valuable asset to our members and students, and to firms. It contains the bye-laws, regulations and the Code of Ethics and Conduct with which members are required to comply.

All new students and members are asked to sign an undertaking stipulating that they will comply with ACCA’s regulations and Code of Ethics and Conduct, which exist within ACCA’s governance framework of its Royal Charter and bye-laws.

The Rulebook is updated regularly, in line with regulatory developments and policy requirements. Bookmark the Rulebook and be confident you're using the latest version and refer to the Rulebook commentary below for an overview of the main changes.

Rulebook changes

The commentary below provides an explanation of the main changes to the ACCA Rulebook, which take effect on 1 January 2021.

Access the commentary (PDF, 157kb)

The Rulebook is only available online and is no longer produced in hard copy or USB formats.