Digital membership certificate

Members can now download their membership certificates from their myACCA account, free of charge. Access your certificate via myACCA.

When and where are printed certificates sent?

Your membership certificate can take up to four weeks from your membership date to be received. This will be sent to your local ACCA office if you are in one of the following countries:

Your local office should contact you when they are in receipt of your certificate to arrange for local distribution or collection.

If you are residing in a country not listed above this will be sent to the mailing address on your myACCA account at the time your membership is awarded. Update your contact details on myACCA.

Fellowship certificate

Like the ACCA membership certificate we send this to you automatically when Fellowship status has been awarded.

Your Fellowship certificate shows you’ve achieved the next milestone in your ACCA journey and have continuously upheld your membership for a period of five consecutive years.

As above, this will take up to four weeks to be received and if your country is listed on this page your local office will contact you upon receipt of this.

If you are residing in a country not listed above this will be sent to the mailing address on your account at the time your Fellowship status is awarded.

Replacement certificates

If you’ve lost or damaged your printed Membership or Fellowship certificate, a replacement can be provided at a cost of 35 GBP.

If you’ve changed your name, the certificate can provided free of charge.

To request a replacement, please download and complete the Replacement certificate application form

You can also download your membership certificate from your myACCA account.

Framing your certificates

Becoming a member and achieving FCCA status are both significant milestones, so many members want to display their certificates.

We’ve commissioned The Professional Framing Company Ltd to produce two elegant official frames. For further information, please visit the Professional Framing Company’s website

Attestation of ACCA certificates

Find out how to have your ACCA Certificates Attested by the British Council.