Returning to ACCA

Unlock your full career potential by restarting your ACCA studies

We're delighted to hear from former students who want to return to ACCA. If you are removed from our register of students for any reason, you can apply to return to it at any time. This process is known as re-registration.

If you are no longer a registered student, you must re-register before you can book or sit an exam.


When you re-register you will need to pay a re-registration fee together with any fees that were outstanding when you left the register.

If you have no outstanding fees, then you only need to pay the re-registration fee.

Re-registration fee

View our price list for details of current fees and charges.

Outstanding fees

If your account was suspended due to non-payment of ACCA fees, you will be required to pay the amount that was overdue at the time plus a re-registration fee.

We are not able to tell you this fee unless you call us or wish to have you account opened to make payment.

Annual subscription fee

As an ACCA student, you need to pay an annual subscription fee each year. You do not need to pay this fee when you re-register, unless it is outstanding for a previous year.

However, the date that you re-register will affect the date on which you need to pay your next annual subscription fee.

  • If you re-register before the standard entry deadline for June exams then we will invoice you in May or June for that year's subscription fee.

  • If you re-register after that time, we will invoice you in November for the following year, and the fee must be paid on or before 1st January.

How to pay

Please ensure that the credit or debit card you are using is in your own name. If it is not, the card holder will need to call with you to authorise use of the card.

Please go to our contact us page and select the options ‘I am a Student’ and ‘Student Re-Registration’. Fill in the form and our team will reply to let you know to make payment within 10 days. If payment is not made within the time we will re-suspend your account.


If you are wanting to enter for an exam under the ACCA qualification, in the next session, note there is deadline dates for entries. Visit our important dates page for more details.

If you are studying the ACCA foundation level qualification, exams are held on demand at either a centre or at home. The timescale for booking these is 7 days before you wish to sit.

It is important that you complete your re-registration ahead of these dates as delays may happen that prevent you entering an exam.

Time limits for exams

There are certain time limits put in place for students to complete their ACCA Qualification exams. Learn about time limits for completing the ACCA Qualification, and how these apply to you. 

Is your employer an ACCA exchange/approved partner?

If your employer is an ACCA exchange employer or approved partner, please contact your company directly before attempting to re-register with us.

Residents of joint scheme countries

If you live in a country where ACCA works in partnership with a local accountancy body, as part of a Joint Examination Scheme and Joint Pathway Programmes then you should read the information for residents of joint scheme countries before proceeding.

Ready to re-register?

If you're ready to re-register and want to pay by debit/credit card, please call ACCA Connect on +44 (0) 141 582 2000.

You'll need the following information to hand:

  • your ACCA registration number
  • your email address
  • your mailing address
  • a valid credit or debit card in your name.

Once you've made your payment, your account will be re-activated immediately and you will be able to access myACCA and enter for exams again.