Moving to the ACCA Qualification

Overview of the ACCA Qualification entry route

The ACCA entry-route diagram PDF illustrates how the Foundations-level suite of awards articulates with the ACCA Qualification, including the various entry levels. 

Transferring to the ACCA Qualification after Foundation level

Foundations in Accountancy Qualification students who registered from the following dates will automatically opt-in to transfer to the ACCA Qualification upon completion of the Diploma in Accounting and Business (RQF Level 4)*:

  • June 2017 - UK and China students
  • December 2017 - all other students  

Students not wishing to continue onto the ACCA Qualification can opt out of auto-transfer via myACCA, or alternatively students can choose when they wish to transfer, upon completion of either:

  • the Diploma in Accounting and Business (RQF Level 4)
  • all nine Foundation in Accountancy exams

* Pakistan and Bangladesh students will be eligible to transfer upon completion of the Foundation Diploma exams.

Practical experience requirements

ACCA is introducing greater articulation between the practical experience required for CAT and the ACCA Qualification.

The one-year practical experience required for CAT will continue to count towards the three-year requirement for the ACCA Qualification. In addition, the two qualifications will share four common performance objectives:

  • act professionally at work
  • manage self
  • communicate effectively
  • use information and communications technology

If these are completed as part of achieving the CAT Qualification, then they can count towards four of the 13 performance objectives required to achieve the ACCA Qualification.

Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business

To ensure greater articulation between the Foundation-level suite of awards and the ACCA Qualification, ACCA has introduced an Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business which forms part of the ACCA Qualification.

The Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business will be awarded when students have completed, or are exempt from, the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams of the ACCA Qualification.

Students will also need to complete the Ethics and Professional Skills module in order to receive certification for the award of Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business.

Please note students will need to have taken and passed at least two of the Applied Skills exams in order to be eligible to get the Advanced Diploma.