Students' FAQs on unavailability of remote exams

Why are remote exams not permitted in my location?

To support students, remote exams are only permitted in locations where it is suitable for us to hold them. A number of factors are carefully considered when deciding location suitability for both on-demand and remote exams. These factors include:

  • internet connectivity coverage and reliability 
  • IT student readiness
  • potential risks to exam integrity
  • any other location readiness concerns.

Will remote exams ever be permitted in my location?

Changes to market suitability factors may allow us to host remote exams in more locations in future. Should remote exams become permitted in a new location, students and learning partners would be advised at least 6 months in advance via our usual communication channels.

If remote exams are not permitted in my location, can I select a different location?

No, this would be against our exam rules and regulations.  Students are not permitted to select a different location to the one where they will be taking their exam. Any student who does so risks having their result nullified.

What should I do if I know someone is entering for a remote exam that is in a location where it is not permitted?

You should report any known or suspected cases of someone taking a remote exam in a location where it is not permitted.

Please contact using the subject line ‘Remote exam entry location’. Within your email, please state the name of the individual/organisations involved and when the exam was taken.  

Am I at a disadvantage because remote exams are not permitted in my location?

No. The exams use the same exam software, assess the same exam syllabus, and have the same exam duration regardless of where the exam is taken.