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From technology to demography, the global economy is entering a new era. Reappraisal of value proposition, value creation and value capture that make up the essence of business models can open up new opportunities for business to thrive.

Not just technology

The rise of platforms, the changing nature of work, the means by which services are provided and the digitisation of manufacturing are just some of the shifts that technology is making possible.

But new business models are not just about technology. Around the world new markets are emerging and old ones are evolving. Unquestionable economic certainties are being challenged. What were intangible environmental impacts are now daily healthcare problems for millions. What people value is changing.

Elevating the business model

Factors that have elevated the business model include:

  1. tumbling tech costs bringing ideas to the fore
  2. the rise of start-up culture
  3. the rise of tools to meet growing interest
  4. networked capital
  5. a changing world that needs new models.

The ‘Full Stack’

The’ Full Stack’ is an end to end framework to help understanding and assessment of the value creation potential of new business models.

It is made up of two sections:

1. The back-end comprises five layers. Taken together they combine to create the foundations for future business models.

2. The front-end comprises five layers. It brings together key socio-economic horizons faced by businesses today.

Together the two ends provide a tool for exploring the potentials of business models and the context in which they will operate. 

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Back-end Front-end
Waves Growth
Disruption Work
Networks Deindustrialisation
Limits Resources
Socio-productivity Experience