Russian Language Advanced Diploma

Equivalent to the ACCA Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business, these Russian Language exams develop the strong, broad and practical finance skills required of the future strategic professional accountant in any sector or industry.

Who is it for?

The Russian Language Advanced Diploma provides an opportunity for native speaking students based in 12 countries to develop a broad financial and practical skillset, achieving an internationally recognised accountancy qualification benchmarked at a Bachelor’s degree.

Students must hold qualifications which would exempt them from the Applied Knowledge exams of the ACCA Qualification to be accepted onto this qualification.

Exam structure and availability

Students are able to register on the Russian Language Advanced Diploma and enter exams for the first exam session in December 2019.  Students are assessed using our innovative computer based exams, providing them with the relevant digital skills employers need.  The timetable below outlines the structure and availability.

ExamAvailable to sit from

Performance Management

December 2019

Taxation (RUS)

December 2019

Financial Management

December 2019

Audit and Assurance


Corporate and Business Law (RUS)


Financial Reporting

Professional Ethics ModuleTBC

Students are awarded certificates for each exam as well as the Advanced Diploma on completion of all exams and an ethics module.  Once students have achieved the Russian Language Advanced Diploma, they can transfer onto the Strategic Professional exams and complete the full ACCA Qualification (in English).

For more information

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