Mitigating circumstances

If you experienced difficult circumstances which may have affected your exam performance (mitigating circumstances), you can tell us by submitting details through myACCA.

How to apply for mitigating circumstances

You can let us know about mitigating circumstances by submitting details via the Exams section of your MyACCA portal.

To view the mitigating circumstances submission deadline dates for upcoming sessions, visit the important dates section. All notifications of mitigating circumstances and supporting evidence must be provided by this date. Watch the video below for more support on submitting your request.

What type of issues might be considered mitigating circumstances?

Mitigating circumstances may include but are not limited to:

  • recent bereavement
  • severe illness prior to or during exam sitting
  • immediate care of a relative with a severe illness or other circumstances
  • technical issues.

Evidence of mitigating circumstances

It is extremely important for you to provide documentary evidence relating to your personal circumstances (where applicable), for consideration to be given. 

Examples of documentary evidence may include but are not limited to:

  • medical letter or official certificate
  • incident reports.

Where the circumstance relates to technical issues, we will also review internal information in relation to this, in order to understand the issues that may have affected your exam. 

How to provide evidence

You should upload evidence via myACCA, along with your mitigating circumstances submission.

If you have any additional evidence to upload at a later date, you must submit it by the mitigating circumstances closing date. We are unable to accept any evidence provided after this date. 


Can I claim mitigating circumstances for on-demand CBEs?

The mitigating circumstances process is available for all session-based exams. 

Mitigating circumstances requests cannot be made for on-demand computer based exams (on-demand CBEs). These exams are highly flexible, so if you plan to take an on-demand CBE and are affected by personal circumstances, you should re-schedule the exam to a more convenient time. 

If you have experienced any problems sitting an exam at an on-demand exam centre, you should report this to the CBE centre personnel directly.

What are my options if I don't believe my circumstances have been fully considered when I receive my result?

If you believe that we have not applied our procedures properly when you receive your exam result, you can appeal to the Examinations Appeals Committee.

To appeal:

Email your request to:
Appeal fee: £30.

To view the mitigating circumstances submission appeal deadline dates for upcoming sessions, visit the important dates section.

When we receive your appeal request, the relevant fee will be raised on your account. You must pay this by the appeal submission deadline. 

Once you have paid the fee, we will send you an appeal acknowledgement email. This email will:

  • confirm that your appeal has been registered
  • advise you of the date that you will receive the outcome of your appeal. 

Your request to appeal will then be forwarded to the committee for consideration. 

The committee meets once per exam session. Therefore we are unable to consider any appeals made after the submission deadline, or provide you with the outcome any earlier than the date given in your acknowledgement email. 

The appeals process is not a re-consideration of your circumstances. The Committee will undertake independent checks to confirm all stages of the mitigating circumstances process were undertaken and the correct mark was in fact issued to you. You will not receive any detail on the consideration given, such as awarded marks. Additional documentation or information on your circumstances cannot be submitted at this time.