Member update: Covid-19 policy response

ACCA is providing ongoing support for members during this challenging period

Published 20 October 2020

Government engagement

ACCA’s Policy team is working to develop recommendations and lobby for government policy to support members and the businesses they advise. The team maintains close relationships with a number of government departments and ministers to ensure that members have clear and relevant guidance.

Members have been sharing a range of helpful insight and experiences, which we have reported back in response to government requests for business intelligence and our targeted lobbying, and we continue to welcome a broad range of views and insight from members to shape lobbying at

Technical Advisory

ACCA’s Technical Advisory team fields technical and general business queries from members, offering case-by-case responses as well as broader guides and factsheets relevant to clients and employers in all sectors.

ACCA is receiving a high number of queries from members supporting businesses to claim the available support. Technical Advisory is working hard to maintain the usual three-day response time as services continue to be available to members in the UK via the email helpline

Coronavirus hub

ACCA has taken steps to support its 219,000 members and 527,000 students all over the world via a Covid-19 online hub with resources and updates for students, employers and staff as well as guides to aid business planning and insights from members in international markets.