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Growth and talent at the heart of the issue

South Africa's level of economic growth (as measured by GDP) has fluctuated from a high of 5.4% in 2007 to a contraction of -1.5% in 2009 following the global financial crisis.

Delivery channels are changing with the use of public private partnerships (PPP) and digitisation.

The country has a talent capacity need in order to respond to complex and dynamic demands, which means that  here is a need for skilled and rewarded professionals. The public sector is often unable to compete with the private sector in terms of talent for a variety of reasons such as remuneration.

Professional response

Public sector professional accountants need to have a vision for South Africa as well as an awareness of the specific challenges. They have a unique and enormous opportunity to serve their communities in making a tangible, lasting difference to people’s lives.

To perform their roles well, they will need to be able to navigate all the drivers of change to ensure that the best value is obtained for public funds.